does anyone else hate it when a specialist books you in for a test without giving you any reason? today, at about 4pm, mine booked me in for a ct scan tomorrow morning at 9.15. as she did not inform me herself (someone from her office did) it is a bit of a mystery to me as to why. I am trying not to let myself think that it as a result of a blood test with high markers or some other reason, but it would have been nicer to be told something.
Hi jsbach, The specialist would not have booked you in without any good reason, They are so busy and cannot contact you personally, thats why you have been asked in, they can be arrogant at times, although I have never met one like that, they just try and do their best for their patients. When you see her ask her the reason, and it is usually not high markers on BTs that are of concerns`but trends. When results that we have been involved in are on the table niceties can sometimes take a second place to practicalities, get well, keep well. I understand how you feel, but try to be calm wombat4
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I had a similar experience and it was very distressing. I was booked in for a heart function test (after an ECG) by the specialist's office, so I naturally concluded that the ECG highlighted something that was wrong. As it turned out it was all okay, but I did not like the way it happened. I called the specialist's mobile and let him know I was not happy. He needed to know he should have dealt with me in a more gentle way. He was one of the arrogant ones. Then I moved on. Now I make sure I manage my specialists because I am the only one who knows the full story. It all works fine. But I am glad I did call him and express dissatisfaction. Any chance you have to exercise your power you should take it. They are running very fast doing their thing and you and I are only the means by which they can do that. They need to know it is not like that for us. Nurses are a lot better, of course. H
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