well I had my unscheduled ct scan this morning. The results came back showing a few more lesions in the liver. The main tumor on the pancreas hasn't changed. To say that this was hard to hear would be an understatement. To then get told that I wasn't responding to the gemcitibine was harder still and as a result that avenue of treatment would now stop. BUT talking to my oncologist, it's not the end of the world. Apparently all it really means is that I am now part of a group who don't responsd to gemcitibine. I have a meeting with my oncologist on Tuesday to discuss the new treatment plan. I can't remember the name of the concoction, but it's a combination of three drugs and is used extensivy in Europe and the US. My onc actually suggested it to start with. She is also going to combine with a new product that, putting it into really simple terms, helps the chemo target the specific areas and delivers a bigger kick in the bum. The other good thing will be that it's only once a fortnight anot every week. So, while there was bad news today, it's not the end of the world. There's still hope and I am in a fighting mood. take care all, Tim
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