Well have not had a lot of time to respond to messages or update blog lately as quite a few things have happened since Christmas, on New Years Eve I had to get an Ambulance to take my husband to hospital as his temp.shot up to nearly 39 degrees, they took him to our nearest hospital as the hospital he is treated at usually is too far away. Anyway they worked all night in emergency to stabalise him and his blood pressure at one point went down to 80/56.They said he had a massive infection raging through him and they were trying to isolate it,his veins had collapsed so they ended up putting a line into his neck and groin.His mouth and throat were badly ulcerated. They transferred him next day to ICU Oncology and for a week they fed IV's of antibiotics, his BP fluctuated up and down for a few days and then even though they could not isolate what was causing the infection they suspect it was a viral one coming from the throat and mouth. They stopped all chemo and other drugs he was taking till they finally released him a week later with a bag full of antibiotics. Well we went back to the oncologist the following week and she went through everything the hospital had done, and then her statement was "It looks like the chemo is killing you faster than the Cancer is Les so I suggest we stop all treatment now and review you again in around 6 weeks time" as he was so weak from all the drugs he agreed. Now he is experiencing extreme fatigue no energy and I suspect he is depressed even though he says he is not, I have made an appt.with a GP for Monday as his regular one is away on leave, just to see if there is anything else we can do. One positive is that he is eating well again but even after taking protein powder, sustagen and lots of fruit fish meat and vegetables he is really tired. Don't know what else to do as it is very hard, so if anyone has any suggestions please let us know. When he saw his GP last week he sent him for blood tests, but then told us he was going away for two weeks but we could ring up for the results if we wanted to, but as we don't know what it is we are supposed to look for there is no point.
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