my days are moving right along now. today i had treatment 16 and i saw the Doctor after it. they are happy with the result so far. i am starting to go a bit pink and have a couple of blisters that i will keep an eye on. i arrived in Bunbury today to spend a few days with my sister and will head back to perth on Sunday. i am looking forward to a bit of fun with her as she is good for a laugh. this afternoon i went to visit a school friend who has cancer and is not very well. she is at home and being looked after by her parents. i was not sure how i would feel about this but she was so positive and excited to see me, it made my day. my grandson has gone to visit his 'grumpy' for the weekend so that makes me happy. as long as i know he is ok then i can be ok as well. all take care and i will chat soon. Jodielee12
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