I had bladder cancer in June, then the same day I was cleared finally, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, only to have a biopsy to say it isn't. Now at his 3 month check they aren't sure again, and need to do another biopsy from a different area. On January 1st we got a call to say my dad's twin was going downhill from her multiple cancers. The tumours in her brain at this point now meant she couldn't even communicate with us anymore. She didn't know me, my dad, or her husband, or her kids. She died on the 5th January 2014. Her funeral is next week. These are just the highlights of my crappy 2013 transferring to 2014. My partner and I of 5 years have decided to try to be positive. He suggested we start being more positive, so we started writing down 3 things a day each that we appreciate or are thankful for. Most of the time this is good, and reminds me that there are good things among senseless others, and it's up to us to find them. I just feel like I have been on this emotional rollercoaster for too long, and I want off. I want everything the way it used to be and know at the same time it can't be. Once again just venting myself to a forum who gets it - even though my parents and my partner and my friends are supportive, I sometimes need to get it out to random people who are in similar situations to me.
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