Hi All, Look I apologize for this blog post. WHY? Well it seems Wrong of me asking But then I am told its NOT wrong,SIGH! So I give it a go............. i hunted all round for something relating to it and Just no luck! Basically.... Relating to "GALLBLADDER,LIVER and BILE DUCT CANCER" My Wife 50, Gallbladder was removed and Cancer Diagnosed October 2013 Bile duct reconstruction performed But No Liver Section done As the Cancer had spread and was to difficult to do. No Radiation at present because several Lymph glands further away from the Liver where ENLARGED on the CAT SCAN! And Radiation is for a controlled area Hence Chemotherapy only option for NOW. Hopefully reducing the Nodes and bumping them Off. She has had 2 causes so far All and all doing rather Well Very Pale and a low Hemoglobin My question IS..... Every one is unique in there Treatments to a point And there own structure and yes every Cancer therefor is unique DOES Anyone out there Or HAS anyone been through this or knows someone close that has Pretty close to the Above? and if SO! WHAT Are the signs Should A Sufferer deteriorating Be showing, Granted The Nurses in ONCOLOGY and the Local GP and ONCOLOGIST Should know IF a person is degrading or Not reacting etc. But So far I have found Most Professionals VAGUE and at times DARE I say talk almost as if "Well here is another one" I am just Interested to Hear from anyone that may Know something anything to HELP! I am Sure Many have thought of this Question surely? Or am I out of line Sigh? Oh Sorry My Wife also suffers from "ME" ( Myalgic encephalomyalitis),has Diabetes,Arrhythmia,And 2 degenerated disk in her lower back So as you can see She already sleeps SOOOOOOO MUCH! Was always itchy,suffered head aches,flu like symptoms ongoing. And bad back,and joints etc. All since 2005' THANK YOU for reading Cheers Peter
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