To All those who belong to, or visit this site: To those with affliction – May you have relief today. To those who are lonely – May you find solace. To those who are missing a loved one – May you be comforted. To those who are afraid – May you have peace. To those for whom the future is uncertain – May you celebrate the gift of life. May everyone have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. Sailor 25/12/09 This is Radio Pacific calling M.S. San Doria -Radio Pacific calling M.S. San Doria -Are you receiving me, San Doria? -You'll be in our hearts tonight And we wish the entire crew a very merry christmas.

 Christmas at sea - far away from home.
 No families and no heavenly snow.
 Christmas at sea - visions of home
 Sailing tonight all alone.

 Black is the night on the ocean

 Candlelight shines on the sea

 Everyone's full with emotion -
 At home
that's where they long to be.

 Mama is reading your letter

 Jingle-bells ring all night long.
 White are the trees and the meadows -
 Children are singing a song.

 Midnight is near and we're praying

 Everyone fights back his tears.
 Lord, bring them home
someone's saying

 And keep them safe while they are here

 This is M.S. San Doria calling Radio Pacific -M.S. San Doria calling Radio Pacific -The whole crew sends it's christmas wishes And we're looking forward to seeing you all again soon - merry christmas everyone.
 Goombay Dance Band - "Christmas at Sea"
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Beautiful words Sailor. I hope you had a lovely day. Your song reminds me of how young Jessica must be faring out at sea alone. S
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Hiya Sailor I hope you had a blessed and peaceful day yesterday. Julie oh and i just need to give you a cyber hug because its christmas 🙂
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Sailor- that was beautiful
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Just came inside after watching a sunset filled with extraordinary colours, accompanied by the breeze playing in the leaves of my neighbour’s tree. I stayed till the sun had faded over the horizon, how beautiful it was to watch. Then I read your poem, how lovely it was to read your beautiful words Sailor. Your writing is a gift to us all. Reindeer xx
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