Just wanting to wish everyone on the site a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010. It can be a difficult time of the year for a lot of people and i just hope that those in difficulty find some peace and happiness. Lets hope the fat man is kind to everyone. Julie
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And to you Julie. For those of us who are at home with our family and friends - enjoy!! For those who are struggling - hugs and best thoughts. S
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Thanks samex .. i hope you have a lovely day. Must admit wrapping pressies today helped me get feel a bit more festive.
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Hi Julie, I haven't been feeling very festive, all my usual pre-Christmas activities have fallen by the wayside this year. The carols on Christmas Eve always make me feel like it is really Christmas. I have just helped the boys choose a christmas cookie and piece of rocky road with some coca cola for Santa, and the reindeer have carrot and water on the front lawn (the boys are worried the kangaroos will get to it before the reindeer do, they could be right!!) We have hung the key on the door, our eldest son told me it didn't fit our lock, but I told him that it only works for Santa, we don't want just anybody being able to get in!! Hope that brings some christmas cheer to people, christmas really does come alive when there are children around. My very best wishes to you and all on the site for a day filled with precious memories, old and new, love and laughter with family and friends. Jill xx
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Hiya Jill Thanks your post made me think of memories of my son when he was young and made me smile. Gosh i am kind of glad he isnt little anymore though because he was so difficult to get to sleep on xmas eve. haha I used to tell him that santa wouldnt come unless he went to sleep and then fifteen minutes later he would be up and asking "has he been?". Was terribly difficult to get organised with him doing that. 🙂 I hope your day is filled with all that you wish for. Julie xoxo
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