My husband is currently undergoing radiation therapy for a secondary tumour on his right frontal lobe. We have two sons, aged 6 and almost 8. We thought it would be helpful for them to understand a bit more if they could see how/what happened when Daddy had radiation treatment. I asked them if they would like to see, "oh yes" was the response, so Monday morning we all set off to 'check it out'. The boys patiently watched and waited while Daddy was 'measured up', using the lasers and then 'stuck' into place with some masking tape! We left the treatment area and watched on the monitors, we could see Daddy lying very still and then watched as the machine started moving. "Is that it?" says our nearly 8 year old. "Where's the electricity and zapping?". It appears he was expecting to see something similar to lightning bolts going into Daddy's head and lots of flinching, jerky movements going on as a result. "That's boring" he says!! Sorry to disappoint you darling!
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