This time last year I was desperate to find out what was wrong with my husband. Staggering, slurring his words sending incomprehensible texts and emails. Friends were telling me to get him to the doctor, they couldn't see how hard it was for me to convince him that there was a problem. Finally I talked him into coming to the doctor with me after his left side facial muscles sagged. She wasn't sure what was wrong but listened to me when I pushed to see a neurologist. 1st available appointment was in January, I said he wouldn't survive to then (I had no idea what was wrong) After he wrote off our car I managed to get into the neurologist. Sent for MRI, back to neurologist that day. Then our world fell apart hearing those words 'you have a massive Brain Tumour' I wasn't even sure he could properly comprehend the news. A bed was booked for that night at hospital with surgery in 2 days time. Then the train trip home to tell the kids oh so hard. But here we are still going fighting on.
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