Every now and again someone touches a chord, With a warm open smile one can only but laud, So to hear such a persons in need of some luck, Makes me glad that she also is blessed with great pluck, Having known her not long has not hindered my view, That this lady's a diamond and a friend oh so true, So I offer these words as a token of hope, That her ordeal will prove just a kink in the rope. From Chris , our crossing guard.
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Dear Emma Cynthia and I are so saddened by your news but feel so confident in your strength to overcome this. We send you our love and you are constantly in our thoughts. Your blog is so touching and having so much to live for will be so important in taking on this fight. Love Nigel, Cynthia, Hannah and Amy.
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Our dearest Emma, Thank you for sharing your progress and the support that you are receiving from family and friends. You are certainly not alone in this battle! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious family. We love you very much and are believing with you for a bright future. Catch you soon. Love, Mum and Graeme
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You obviously have made a good impression on the crossing guard . You have done that with me too when I've read some of your replies to others . You sound like a caring person . I wish you success in getting this cancer out of your body .
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