It's nice to have good days- Ben realised tonight that he hasn't had a headache in 2 days! No headache- not just no thumping heading but his brain still aches- nothing! And boy has he been chirpy, so nice to have the cheeky bugger back :) Enjoying- relishing- whilst I can :) Just the small things
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Good luck with it all Melanie. My soul mate also had a brain tumour. It is a bit like a roller coaster of good news, high hopes, bad news, dealing with partner and family depression, anger, denial, hope and then the cycle starts again. Remember that love is all there is - for him, for yourself, for the family and friends. Love makes everything seem better. Share every minute, take photos and videos, try to get away and spoil yourselves, even if it is only for a night when you can get away from the "C" word and be normal. One good piece of advice I was given was to keep a diary. This helps to deal with all the emotions that you may not want to share. You are a strong, resourceful and caring person. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Thanks Virginia! I've just seen your msg- it certainly is one big roller-coaster isn't it! xx I hope you are doing well.
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