Well, we are still here. Today we did our first Avastin day. My hubby is swollen and oh so tired from the bastard Dex. Fingers crossed the Avastin allows us to drop Dex dose and resume a sleeping routine t hat resembles normal???? We have also added an anti depressant drug which has helped him communicate again. It's not like old times but its not bad. He can still challenge me with interesting conversation. (Secrete is, I fell in love with his most beautiful organ of all, his brain). It's not over till its over! Night all, keep safe, keep strong, and share your feelings of love freely!! Jobeth xx
I really hope you can get off him off the dex, or at least lower the dosage- its nasty stuff. Ben has come out of the fog since coming off it. Sleeping routines on dex are null and void- just try & work it the best you can. So glad you can still have challenging conversations- Thats one thing I'll miss. Stay strong & positive xx Mel
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Jobeth Lorraine's tumour was located over her communication portion of her brain. One of the last conversations she was able to formulate she would talk of her spiritual experiences (Her belief was A Course in Miracles and she was articulate and an intellectual). Her words and writing became babble shortly after and I hope that her belief system sustained her (well so it appeared & or it was just the numbness that comes with the restriction to her thought process) I lost those aspects of her, then there was still the underlying Lorraine. She shared with me her death and dying...there was no more intimate and sharing experience she could have given. Geoff
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