Hi all.My name is Greg and my wife is De and are both in our late fifties. I am a Carer for my wife, but the roles get a little reversed when the chemo takes over.We have been on this trip now for 2 years. I was diagnosed with NSC lung Cancer (Stage 4 with secondary in pelvis. now in bone in 5 areas) accidentally whilst getting an annual check up and flue shot.We have had a lot of ups and downs over the past year, but have not stopped trying to learn as much as possible about this insidious disease and learn how to try to combat, not only the tumor itself, but also looking at the different ways of combating the horrible side effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy, and associated Drugs. I have had a total of 62% reduction in the Tumor size and am determined to either kill it completely, or reduce it to a manageable size. I enjoy (as does my Daughter)doing as much research as possible on all things associated with this disease so as to be as Pro Active as possible.This may include diet,keeping blood/health records, watching and noting changes with the body during treatment or just jotting down general health issues.I (and my Wife & Daughter)hound the Oncology Pharmacists on what is beneficial/or a hindrence to the chemo/radiation therapies.As we travel along this path, I will post to my blogs, some of the advances in research that I have found about ALL Cancers, as well as links to dietary,health legal issues that I find.There are a lot of resources available to us all, but sometimes we are unaware of them. Please note that some of these links are indications only and are only the opinion of the writer. Discretion and, of coarse, approval by Oncologists and Pharmacists should be given before any change in diet or medication.We are all on here to help each other, by ways of beating this disease, and if I can offer just a little help to someone to ease their plight, I will be a happy person. I encourage all of you, if possible, to add, comment or share to this (or other blogs) as we try to help each other.. Greg & De
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