Well my journey started in December 2014 just before Christmas. Up until then I was working part time 20 hrs a week loving it as well. I became quite ill with diareah and stomach bloating while on annull leave in Sydney having Christmas with my brother and his family. Finally arrived home 28 th December and had a Drs appointment on the 5 th Jan when I was due back at work I was tretated for constipation but the bloating did not subside so I was sent to Coffs harbour for X-rays where they found a bowel obstruction a ct scan was ordered straight away and they then found that my bowel lining was thickening next to the obstruction.. So hospital visit the next day and a colonoscopy that was now the 9 th jan2015. They could not see very much and I was assured that it was not cancer. January 20 2 nd colonoscopy and was told it might be cancer and I would need to have surgery to remove the bowel obstruction. February 2nd surgery a 10 cm tumor was removed and bowel lining where it had thickened 3 days in hospital no rest there I was happy to go home to Bellingen. 1week latter I got the news that I did not want the 10 cm tumor was a adno carcinoma with 2 affected lymph nodes out of 30 removed the bowell lining with 37 out of 37 lymph nodes is small cel neuroendichrine cancer. I was sent to RPA in Sydney for a pet scan in March where I received more bad news that scans showed that my cancer had spread to my liver with around 6 tumors and to my bones from my neck to my hips with too many tumors to count . I have had my first chemo and on to my second which was delayed due to white count being low. I have lost all my hair my husband and I are matching nude nuts now . I am so lucky that my husband and his parents are so supportive my kids ( young adults are still in shock) . It's hard to here that you have a cancer that can't be cured. I am positive . Kim
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