My wish to you and your love ones is "May 2012 be an enlightened one for you" whether you are at the beginning or end of your human life journey, it is still a life, so live it with love, honesty and less fear. xo
Beautifully said Jules.... Happy NY & I pray 2012 brings Joy & Happiness to all.. Alison xxx
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Thanks and all the best to you and yours for 2012.
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I agree with you 100%, it is still a life. Hoping that your journey this year is a good one. Happy new year. Take care all. Tim
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Ditto Tim, Make 2012 the year of memories and love. Julesx
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As a friend, who has just been diagnosed with lung mets from breast cancer,"I'm still upright and breathing today." Take care all with you journey for 2012. S
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