One year to the day since my husbands craniotomy and here we are thrilled by the prospect that he is 1 step closer to regaining his licence. Today he had his off road driving assesment, I know we are so lucky to get to this stage with a GBM. I wanted to post this as an incentive to others to not give up on your wishes.
wow. great news. if it's not too much bother, what is the process to get one's license back when it has been canceled due to medical condition such as GBM? medical report? well done again x
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A lot of work. We had to go through Rehab at the hospital (luckily he has no physical disability after surgery). He had visual perception problems which have mended, so had to see the eye clinic at hospital. Through a few months work he was given a letter for RMS (RTA) to say he is medically fit to drive. Got a learners permit and had to do a test (off road) with an Occupational Therapist and with passing all this so far he will now do a on road test with OT. He is very keen to drive again and wishes to get his riders licence back too (our cancer coordinator not in favour of that).
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Having a licence is such a big thing in our lives . I'm glad for your husband and for you .
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