Mum heads to see the Neurosurgeon with my Dad and my younger sister... She is in good spirits, has been since she arrived home from hospital. I wonder if she would come home in such good spirits, time would tell. I was very anxious the entire time they were gone. I kept busy around the house and with the kids. I think all along I was planning for bad news this day... anything better than bad was a bonus. My bonus never came, Mum was diagnosed with a very aggressive tumor, grade 4, Glioblastoma Multiforme of the Brain. She is to start Chemotherapy (oral tablets at home) and radiotherapy at the hospital. All I keep thinking is, why us? Why MY Mum? Why not someone elses... then again, I wouldn't dream of wishing this upon anyone else. Life isn't fair, what did we do wrong? Of course, we did nothing wrong, neither did Mum... life deals us all different cards, we are all made up of different cells, good and bad and of course, we got the bad 😞
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