Any info would be great My Bestfriend started her chemolast monday and I visited her on Friday and to my horror she looked terrible, I could not believe the change in a week... but I did not show my emotions but she sure did show hers.... I did not know what to do or say as she cried in my arms......... I am still learning about this disease and do not understand any of the terms etc...... She is on extreme chemo 4 (which i do not know what this means) where she will have 2 hours of chemo every 3 weeks for the next 6 months.... I asked as many questions as I could but when she visited the doctor I think she just went blank and did not take in any information of what they told her and she could not answer many of mine....... Her first hit of chemo was obviously terrible as she has had nausea, vomiting, bad bad headaches, burning feelings over her chest, can't eat, and no energy and OMG she has bloated up like a fish..... My heart breaks for her... My question is..... will she feel like this until her next hit or does it calm down?.... Is there anything she can do to relieve the burning sensation?.... and what can i make her in meals which she can keep down?? Any answers would be greatly appreciated and what should she expect from her 2nd hit.??? thankyou Rita
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