I had an appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday and wasn't expecting anything really. She had a good look at my throat and after about ten minutes told me that there are no signs of any cancer. She said a PET scan would confirm this next month but she is satisfied that the throat cancer has been successfully treated. I suppose this means I am going to live. She told me to start thinking about returning to work after the scan. I now need to adjust to living again.
Dear Paul That is great news and crossing fingers the PET scan confirms the all clear. Returning to work and life generally can be bumpy when you have been so focused on treatment but give yourself time and patience. Cheers GHT
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Hey Paul, that's fantastic!! I agree with GHT, returning to life 'after' is far from straightforward, but don't forget to enjoy it. And keep in touch! (I've actually found this site to be more helpful 'after' than during.). love Emily
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Thanks , I don't want to define myself now as a " cancer survivor " and would rather this episode just faded away. I realise though that it won't and I just need to get comfortable with the new me. Final step now is to " come down " off the anti anxiety medication which will be interesting. I wish everyone here the best and my final advice would definitely be - don't give up.
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Fantastic news Paul!
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Well done Paul. That's wonderful news. All the best with the pet scan.
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