Hi Everyone Not sure what I did, but I surely hit the wrong button and ended up with four copies of the title and no content - just as well there is an edit and delete facility!! Am I allowed to say Bugger? or should I type it as B****r? Because I feel like saying Bugger? Had blood taken last Tuesday and the results came today. Full Blood Examination all OK, everything within normal limits. Serum biochemistry all within normal limits except for ALT which is slightly elevated. I looked that up on www.labtestsonline.org.au and found that it is elevated in 1. persons who have a history of known or possible exposure to hepatitis viruses, 2. those who drink too much alcohol, 3. those whose family have a history of liver disease, 4. people who take drugs that might damage the liver. Fortunately AST, about which they say the same things, is normal. Knowing that 4. above is why I am being tested, I don't have to worry about 2, so have just enjoyed a scotch and soda! So why am I wanting to say, BUGGER, Bugger, bugger? It is those three little letters PSA. It is up slightly - significant, well above the detection limit, but not enough to send me into panic mode and race off to see the oncologist and start a fresh round of treatment. Just enough to have me worried for the next three months and hanging out for the next test. Will it be up, or will it be a glitch like it was last March. BUGGER, Bugger, Bugger. Cheers Sailor Even Castles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually. Jimi Hendrix
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