Thank you to all those, whose words have given me inspiration, compassion, understanding and many smiles since I joined this website. A diverse range of emotions is experienced in our journeys with cancer and it is comforting to know that you are not alone in your experiences. I have benefited immensely from this website and I hope that you have also found comfort and help from this site. Have a wonderful Christmas. May the New Year bring you happiness and good health. Reindeer xx
Hey Reindeer, What an appropriate name at this time of year!! Well said and ditto from me. Jill.
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Hiya Reindeer Thanks to you also for your contributions!! I hope that you and yours have a wonderful christmas and all the best for 2010. Julie xoxo
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Hi Reindeer Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and safe and healthy New Year. This website has meant a lot to me too. I come home each day and log on to check in with people I feel are now like an extended family. I care about all of them. Take care, Willow xo
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Hi Jill, Reindeer is a nickname inherited from my schooldays….long, long time ago :) Was a tiny, shy girl with red hair back then .. wasn’t keen on the nickname at school but it’s grown on me …now I rather like it. Reindeer xx
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