Some bright spark ( that would be me) thought that it might be nice for us to go whale watching together with our neighbors, nine people got in the boat and five had their heads in the buckets the whole time, four due to motion sickness and one apparently from self inflicted measures from a busy Saturday night. And it wasn't Andrew. Later that day I became very ill due to my mini bowel obstructions, which cause an awful lot of pain for about five hours and many a request from andrew to take me to the hospital, but me refusing as I didn't want for this to be a reason to cancel the chemo and radiation starting on the Monday. So not a good way to go into the start of everything on Monday morning. Well the treatment started yesterday with me taking the oral chemo at home in the morning and having radiation at the hospital at half ten. The only problems that arose was nausea and a unbelievable heat down the front of my face ( just between my eyes and down to my mouth). Very strange indeed. Our problem we face now is that because my tumor blocks 95%of my out passage I can not afford to become blocked at all during the next seven to ten days, which presents a problem when the radiation is going to make the tumor swell in size. So we are praying that the chemo does its job and helps to reduce this swelling so the 95% doesnt get smaller. So we met with a dietician ( who was sssooo lovely ) today who told us what I can and can't eat for the next two weeks, and probably for the next six months until all this is gone. This adds to poor Andy's stress level as he try's to figure out what I can and can not eat. People that know me well will understand when I tell you I can not eat pineapple, mango, cucumbers, peas, passion fruit, strawberries, blue berries, that this truly is going to be the tough part. But the good news is I can eat as many bananas and chocolate as I like hahahahahahaah. Today being Tuesday, found myself to be having problems with the anti nausea meds as it actually made me feel unwell. so today I went without it and felt a little better. This evening though I had some maxolon, another type of anti nausea tablets, which usually makes me fall asleep but so far so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So I need prayers that my new diet is going to work and we complete the radiation in 4.3 weeks. My new motto this week is. " I can do all this, through him that gives me strength" phillipians 3:14 Talk soon luv Emma P.s really appreciate all well wishes on Facebook, luv you all.
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Oh Emma.. the 1st 4 lines of this realy made me laugh!! The rest, I am just in awe of you. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are going this week. After lying in wait for what must have seemed like an eternity, it sounds like it's now all-go for you. So glad you have finally started treatment and now can get stuck in to this rotten tumour. Hope you are feeling ok mate and coping with the treatment. Eye of the tiger.. (how good is Rocky!!!) Thinking of you xxx P.S - good luck with your diet. Praying for you xx
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Hi Em, lovely to hear your story except the 'whale watch debacle.' What sort of people would shout you tickets for a whale watch anyhow! They probably meant well! Is this what memories are made of! Looks as though you will be missing the big blue whale that is heading your way. Hope all the birthday celebrations go according to plan - wish we could be with you. Lovely to see that you are hanging onto Scriptures for comfort. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love Mum and Graeme
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