It has been just over a year since I was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer, things were going really well, strange person I am I actually got better on chemo so when it came to surgery over Christmas I was cancer free from the bits they removed including the lymph nodes. Reason to celebrate with small meals, due to stomach shrinkage as I was discharged from hospital on 1st January Cancer free which was my goal. I returned to work after a discriminatory battle as obviously someone who has battled cancer cannot work properly but I won and have been back 6 months now despite them trying different methods of trying to get rid. In March at my check up with CT scans etc still declared cancer free and still managing to fight off my management committee to keep my job. July my hopes were dashed when the one positive thing to happen through this cancer experience was the menopause, my periods returned with the missing 8 months reprieve in one hit I think as i have more or less been continually suffering. Poor GP been doing his best to discover the cause but needed to stop the bleeding first and he was becoming very concerned about the levels of hormones I needed to take to stop the bleeding for the tests. 6 month CT scan for my routine check with the oncologist, the ovary they left behind after last years removal of the suspicious one has decided to grow in size and produce loads of cysts, cause me pain and is the reason for this incessant bleeding and so I now need to wait for more tests and a trip to the gynecologist to have it removed. Quite frustrating really as permission was given last year to take both as apparently they are a magnet for secondaries and they left it so as not to induce early menopause!!! Lets just hope they are only cysts growing but this complication is causing some discomfort and despite everything I have been through pain has not featured a lot in the cancer process, which makes me feel a little fraudulent throughout the cancer journey. To top it all the management committee I thought had decided to drop their issues with me have restarted their vendetta, saying that it is not all of them but it still makes working life stressful which I don't need at the moment and I have the full support of my staff team which makes it more bearable but the ironic thing is that I work in the caring industry and supposedly these people are caring people ???? Oh well to battle we go again if nothing else to stop it happening to others in the future. Sorry my little rant over and I am sure everything will fine in the end but as they say bad things happen in 3's and I just need a little bad thing to happen to move forward!
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