Another chapter has begun......My darling husband has a newish tumour on his spinal column that needs radiotherapy. On the upside- this is what could be causing the crazy unrelenting pain. On the downside- we are yet to learn how many treatments, where they will take place (at a private hospital 10 minutes from us, or the public hospital in Brisbane- over an hour away), what the side effects are, what the outcomes will be. At every turn there are just more questions. Part of me thanks God for Google, although sometimes too much knowledge is dangerous! So- the journey continues, our just turned 5 daughter wanted to know when Dad would be on the radio- a question we did not immediately understand, and then the light dawned- she was talking about his radiotherapy- and we fell about laughing. Cancer causes great trauma and sadness, but gee it can make you laugh your head off too! To all of you who are continuing the journey- Power and peace be with you. And on and on we go......
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