Hi Guys. My husband has just been in to hospital to receive his Avistan injection and we are about to head off to Perth to begin our three week trip to America. We are spending 2 days in Santa Monica,5 days in Toronto visiting relatives as well as going to Niagra Falls,6 days in Knoxville Iowa for speedway,5 nights at Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas (husband is going to drive a ferrari & a lambourgini for 10 laps around Las Vegas Speedway) then a day and a half in Beverly Hills.(Then home for more treatment and an MRI) Its almost a year since my husband was diagnosed and this is the holiday he has always wanted and we thought we wouldn't be able to do. Sooo excited (3 weeks without having to think about cancer except for making sure he has his chemo tablets. Take care Regards Gail.
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