Well, today was the day that I was meant to find out if I had made it into the trial program. I didn't find out. There is one result from the blood tests to come back. While it may not be good news, it is not bad news. You have no idea how good it felt to be not told bad news today. Every other time in the past 3 to 4 weeks that we have seen a doctor the news has just gone from bad to worse. Hopefully I find out tomorrow. Either way I start chemo on Thursday. Haven't slept much for a week now (surprise, surprise). Last night was no exception with only getting 3 hours of very interrupted sleep. I am awfully glad that the oncologist wrote out a script of knock out tablets. Both myself and my wife need them. Have to save the energy for fighting this damn cancer for as long as possible. Will post again tomorrow. Hope to know about the trial then. take care Tim while there is a slim chance, there is a chance. While there is a chance, there is hope. Oh.... as an after thought. Any body got any recommendations about good books to read? I'm going to need something when the chemo starts on Thursday and somehow I don't think Phantom comics are going to keep my attention for very long. cheers
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