Hi, I have just begun back at work recently part time and due to restructure have been demoted with duties......its hard to get my head around. I once coordinated 2 contractors and liaised and trained 150 staff......now Im scanning documents into a photocopier. I get it that Im not full time yet and as such cannot deliver these duties/projects.....I understand this. Also with restructure while i was away, a new senior position was created (identical to all the duties I did but higher pay) and I wasnt given the change to apply.....a contractor got the job who is now full time permanent. Do you think this is discrimination? or a blessing in disguise = less stress. Im trying to take the emotion out and look at this objectively also....this is hard to do however worthwhile when gathering facts. I understand that this is a common thing for patients with cancer who return to work, does anyone else have a similar story?
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