I was diagnosed with minute Prostate cancer in 2005 by elevate PSA and biopsy. I chose Active Surveillance I had a second biopsy 12 mths later nothing found. I had one two years ago with triple the number of samples nothing. Since my first diagnosis Active Surveillance has become more popular and is being spoken of more as a treatment regime. Now the point I intend to make in 2007 I did a trip to UK and Europe and insured with Covermore and they wouldn't cover the Prostate cancer. Today as a result of reading this post I rang them again and they had my old records there and now I am covered as long as my PSA is less the 10 and I have no metastases. I will be booking a tour to Canada and Alaska tomorrow on the strength of this. So the Insurance companies are relaxing their rules for people with low grade cancer which is what mine has been assessed as. Thanks for the info Maurie
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