I found out today that I made it into the trial and will be doing the double drug chemo treatment. It was such a relief to hear that news, I broke out into tears of relief,joy and happiness. My wife did the same when I told her. Both us have found it really hard over the past 9 days, nothing was going in my favour. I think that there needs to be a books of do's and dont's that they give cancer patients. I went to the chiro today, something that I've done on a regular basis for the past 20 years, and while they were manipulating my back they aggravated my liver. Talk about a sharp pain as a result. Went to the GP as the pain hadn't dropped much over an hour and was promptly told off. "Don't ever do that again" I was told. Might have been nice to know about it to start with. On a side point, my back feels much better. I start my chemo tomorrow with its double dose of drugs. Must remember not to have a wee before hand (every other time I did and they wanted a sample). Think it might be easier just to hold on until they say it's ok to go. Not sure what side effects the chemo will bring. Hopefully they are manageable. Until later Tim While there is a slight chance, there is a chance. While there is a chance,there is hope.
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