Well today has been a crap of a day, Les got up this morning looking lousy,had light breakfast as usual but felt nauseous straight away,he went back to bed around 11.30am and slept till 5pm awoke and was immediately sick,was very upset and has talked about going off all treatment as his quality of life sucks. He is into his third cycle and we just don't know if it is going to be any better. There is no one to turn to as we only have a couple of friends that live too far away to talk to except by email etc.Son lives in Perth and daughter and family are on holidays in Queensland and I try not to worry them anyway. I told him that what ever he decides I will support him wholeheartedly and if he does decide to go off it,we thought that we may travel to Melbourne and see about being assessed by Peter McCallum hospital down there. We have had excellent report about this hospital and believe it is worth a try. Well thats me for another rant
Oh Gypsy I truly hope it all works out, it's very hard when you don't have a lot of support, I'm finding that at the moment in my life & I'm exhausted but I keep going for the sake of my darling dad. Sending hugs your way 🙂
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HI Gypsy I have the same cancer as your husband but fortunately for me they caught it at stage 3 and I have just had the operation to rearrange my digestive system so they could remove what was left to the tumour. When I actually got my diagnosis my eating drinking had become so poor in fact to the extent that I was throwing up saliva and at this stage had lost 24 kgs in weight. The doctors tried various methods of feeding me including gastric nasal tubes but anything that went into my stomach came back up in the end they took me into surgery and inserted a JJ tube which fed me directly into my duodenum bypassing my stomach completely but this enabled me to obtain the nutrition I needed ot be able to cope with the chemo. Quite a sight walking in there with my own machines. After about 4 weeks of chemo and using this method of feeding I started to get my appetite back and prior to my op I was eating properly and off the feeding tube. It was amazing how much better I felt about the whole situation once I had the energy to get around from using this tube. May be worth being persistent with the doctors and ask about options in order to build up his strength. Hope this helps Kasianne
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