Well it has not gotten any better, they had to take Les off the clinical trial as it was making him extremely sick, so he is just on the 3 week IV course and Xeloda tablets everyday.But things have not changed, we don't know if it is the chemo or the cancer that is making him so sick anymore, no one seems to have answers. He is down to 59kilos now as he cannot eat as he just has a horrible metallic taste in his mouth all the time,lives on Sustagen, jelly and custard and weetbix. It is ok for these people to say he must eat more, but when everything tastes like shit(pardon)it is hard. He sleeps a lot now, gets up for an hour or so, tries to do things but the nausea is really bad and he has to stop till it passes.He is getting very depressed trying to cope, thank goodness he has a wonderful GP (who is on holidays at the moment) He goes all out for him and rings the authorities to get him permission for extra anti-nausea tablets that help. The one positive was the other day the CT scan shows the tumours had shrunk a bit, but then the Oncologist said that no matter what the result they will come back (I think that was good news????)and as for the secondary cancers in the bones he will have to have another PET scan to see how that is going. I think that all cancer patients should be able to get any tablet they need without question, we have worked 50 years and paid taxes and private health and contributed so surely we deserve something back. Sorry for being on such a downer, but I have to rant somewhere I feel so helpless at times because I can't help him.
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