2nd dose of chemo today and have to admit I was a little worried after what happened last time (Even though things weren't weren't related to the chemo and were existing underlying problems). A few hiccups during the day (the IV line blocked with the dose still in it and needed replacing, and my oncologist wanted a blood test but hadn't seemed to have told anyone - and this was after having blood done yesterday and being told by the head of the research team that everything was good to go - go figure). End result was that things took about an hour longer than they should have. Tonight has been pretty good. My temp went up to 37.7 but has now dropped to 37.4 (so, touch wood, it is returning to something that is near to normal) and I haven't been as tired as last time. Have still been a little sleepy, but that could be as a result of not getting much last night. According to the schedule of treatment, next week is a week off. Doesn't mean I get the time to myself though. Have blood test booked for Thursday and an oncologist visit on Tuesday. Am hoping that after that myself and my wife might be able to disappear for a couple of days (we had been planning a camping trip prior to being told that I have cancer - we are still hoping to have one, even if it is much shorter that originally planned) Hair started falling out yesterday. Have to admit the prospect of losing it doesn't worry my that much (I have a few silly things planned to cover my bald head such as brightly colored wigs). Mostly I am getting annoyed about the time it is taking. But if the chemo is working and is giving me more time, I figure that I can cope with this little annoyance. take care all Tim
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