Craftyone is a little sad today. After more than half my life dealing with cancer in my family (including hers 9 years ago), there is yet another family member dying from this insidious disease. I has lost my mother and two brothers and am now going to lose a niece. The majority of my family - mother, all her four children and 4 out of 5 grandchildren - has or had a "bad" gene and it has decimated it. My biggest comment now is that if you have one of these "bad" genes, don't let it beat you. My niece's life has not been an easy one, and just when it seems that life is being kind to her, this has happened. I only hope that her children will be influenced into being monitored from an early enough age. That's all for now.
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Oh crafty one I am so sad to hear your news. My love to you. Wish I could help somehow. If you ever need to chat I will give you my details. Thinking of you. Liz
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Craftyone, this seems like such a plague for your family. My heart goes out to you. I will be ensuring that my kids are monitired from a vey early age even though it appears that my tumour was not genetically linked. Take care, S
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G'day Craft one This is a bit overwhelming for your family but particularly for you. Do take care. Thinking of you. Cheers Sailor
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Hey craftyone It is an insidious disease! My thoughts are with you and sending hugss your way. Julie
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