I'm afraid today. My mum passed away from breast cancer. Less than 2 months ago... She finished treatment last year and we thought she was ok but it turns out she wasn't. She died 4 days after we found out it was in her liver. It happened so quickly and I haven't stopped thinking about her ever since. Now I'm getting a biopsy tomorrow for a lump I have on my breast. I hope it's nothing...
Dear PLTr, It is normal to feel anxious at this time, and your mum is not here for you, so hard. My daughter had a breast cancer scare 2 weeks ago and she is fine, hopefully you will be too. Take care. Thinking of you, Mignon
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My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer when I found out I too had cancer. Ours were different cancers. But my mum was a very graphic person, and I had chronic anxiety before my own surgery. All I could think of was what they would find when they did the surgery on me. Had the cancer spread. I don't know if it's good to hear too much. Maybe it depends on the individual, as we feel emotions differently. Some people are pragmatic and act all heroic, as if cancer is no big deal. Where as others are truly fearful, especially more so if they are younger and have families to think of. Fear is a very natural and normal condition. I know I was petrified and would never want to go through my experience again.
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