i am a48 years old with lung cancer with two children i am so messed up dont no if should do chemo or not thinking of alternatives ned help thanks neil
Mmmmmm....yes a big decision.......my husband did not tolerate his chemo, so they took him off it after 6 weeks. I reckon do your research, talk to as many people who have had it as you can, and talk it through with a social worker, or your doctor......good luck and support coming your way! PA
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Hi Johnno (or is it Neil) Yes you have a huge decision to make, and no one but you can make it in the end as you have to live (or not) with the outcome. There are many things you need to get information on before you decide. What stage are you at, what other medical problems do you have? What type of chemo, side effects? Then you need to talk with your family, the amount of support you get makes a huge difference. I could go on and on but won't. Read my profile, if you want to ask me any questions about it please message me. Wishing you all the best Deb
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