Hi Everyone My thoughts are with you at this time, but I must ask you and tell you about my best friend Anita who is only 44 years of age.... She was diagnosed on 20th June, they found a 2.5cm lump in her left breast and due to this on the 10t July she underwent surgery to have both breasts removed and shortly she will be starting extreme Chemo. Since being told this news, I am still in total shock and have not had a propers night sleep so I cannot imagine the emotions she is feeling.... Every year me and my sister hold Pink Ribbon Day with our close family and friends and try to raise money for the Cancer Council of NSW. This year we have decided to do it on a bigger scale and in honour of Anita! I would like to announce to any followers that we will be holding a fundraising event at Siena's Restaurant, 1345 The Horsley Drive, Wetheril Park NSW on the 19th October 2012 at 7.30pm for Pink Ribbon Night. The night will feature a 3 course meal, drinks including soft drinks and a PINK tribute show by Megan Hilder. Please send me a private message if you would like more details about the event. We are hoping to make this a wonderful night for everyone involved so any help would be appreciated as this is a fantastic cause.....
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HI there Rita, Even though I am a cancer survivor, I also lost my best friend to Breast Cancer on the 29 of January this year and not a day goes by that in some way something reminds me of her.I do the biggest morning tea with a fair few people now and I feel the more I can do to raise the money someday they will find a cure that does not leave people in pain once they have finished treatment. I am here if you want to talk.... Hugs (((0))) to your friend. Lizzie1040
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Hi lizzie... Thankyou so much in your support and thankyou for offering your ears.... She started chemo last monday and I visited her on Friday and to my horror she looked terrible, I could not believe the change in a week... but I did not show my emotions but she sure did show hers.... I did not know what to do or say as she cried in my arms.... ..... She is on extreme chemo 4 (which i do not know what this means) where she will have 2 hours of chemo every 3 weeks for the next 6 months.... I asked as many questions as I could but when she visited the doctor I think she just went blank and did not take in any information of what they told her and she could not answer many of mine....... Her first hit of chemo was obviously terrible as she has had nausea, bad bad headaches, burning feelings over her chest, can't eat, and no energy and OMG she has bloated up like a fish..... My heart breaks for her. Lizzie, will she feel like this until her next hit or does it calm down.... She has been told to shave her head as by her next chemo treatment she shouldn't have any hair.... Lizzie, are you based in NSW?
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