Hi everyone, it's been a while for me since I've posted. All has been going well kidney cancer contained however in march lymph nodes were enlarged, biopsy showed sarcoid however surgeon called last thursday to say he believes the cancer is on the move as biopsy's are similar in cells.....however no definite result of malignancies. So I've returned to work part time after another 3 mths off with sarcoid and surgery and have only been back for 1 week and do not have an immune system, so have caught the flu from transport or work not sure......anywho.....called into work yesty and explained to my superior colleague as manager not in yet that not able to make it in due to flu....he laughed, chuckled all through my telephone call. I have recorded this in my diary however believe I am on the list to be made redundant as I sit in a vacant position number........I was in a substantive position number before cancer however funny how management change things while away battling for your life. This little small man, very small man I allowed to make me have a bad night sleep and doubt myself......Im trying very hard to let go of this anger.....why are people like this, i believe he is peeing in the pocket of management and following their lead.... Has anyone else experienced this humiliation or discrimination at work? Thanks for listening. Jules
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