Hi everyone, it's been a while for me since I've posted. All has been going well kidney cancer contained however in march lymph nodes were enlarged, biopsy showed sarcoid however surgeon called last thursday to say he believes the cancer is on the move as biopsy's are similar in cells.....however no definite result of malignancies. So I've returned to work part time after another 3 mths off with sarcoid and surgery and have only been back for 1 week and do not have an immune system, so have caught the flu from transport or work not sure......anywho.....called into work yesty and explained to my superior colleague as manager not in yet that not able to make it in due to flu....he laughed, chuckled all through my telephone call. I have recorded this in my diary however believe I am on the list to be made redundant as I sit in a vacant position number........I was in a substantive position number before cancer however funny how management change things while away battling for your life. This little small man, very small man I allowed to make me have a bad night sleep and doubt myself......Im trying very hard to let go of this anger.....why are people like this, i believe he is peeing in the pocket of management and following their lead.... Has anyone else experienced this humiliation or discrimination at work? Thanks for listening. Jules
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I am sorry to read that things are not going well with your work because of cancer . I am more sorry that your health is not good and that the cancer is mucking up your life. How is the new home and new community ? There must be something good happening for you . It's disgraceful that people in the workplace have the attitude that guy has when there are so many healthy people who do anything to get out of working . I hope it does work out better than you fear .
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Hey Jules I really feel for you . My management did not want me to return to work but found they could not get rid of me that easily due to legislation. On my return to work interview I think they were waiting for me to give them a long list of medications I was taking so they could say it would not be safe for me to return as it could affect my performance or be a health and safety risk, they couldn't even hide the surprise on their faces when I told them I took one tablet a day to reduce stomach acid and even had the cheek to ask if I was sure that was all I was taking. I reassured them i only took one tablet a day. Since then they have tried again several times to get rid of me by threatening me with disciplinary but when I challenged them for specifics they changed their attitude and have now backed off again but are trying to micro manage me. It is getting tiresome I have to say and all because I have had a disease that frightens people just in its mention. I think they are trying to wear me down so I will leave and I have to say at times i could easily just go but hey I say I fought for something far more valuable than my job and fighting the is easier than fighting cancer so bring it on. The ironic thing is I work in the caring industry and this is who the people in this industry treat others co-workers it makes you wonder how they treat their clients. It is hard to cope with this type of discrimination but just remember that one day they could be hit by something just as serious and they will have to live with the guilt of how they reacted to you . I have also lost many hours of sleep through these people but I feel I need to stand firm on my rights for any one else who may have to face the same ordeal. Good luck and dont let them get you down.
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That is so awful, I have to say that I have never been made so aware of peoples stupidity and selfishness as I have since my husband was diagnosed. I am sorry you had to endure that.
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Sorry to hear that you are receiving a hard time from idiots at your work. Unfortunately, I know how you feel. Whilst I was off working trying to work out what was going on with my health (before my cancer was found), I was made redundant by a manager that I had a love-hate relationship with for a number of years. One good thing came it of it all though. The redundancy payout gave me enough money to be able to take the 6 months off work that I needed to recover (leaving me with a tidy nest egg left over). If you are concerned about your managers attitude (laughing at you and your illness) I suggest that you report your concerns to your HR department. They have a duty of care to address his behaviour, especially under these circumstances. Another avenue you may want to investigate would be to contact Fair Work Australia. They will be able to provide advise as to what your options are as well. Good luck to you, both with your recovery and with your place of employment. I hope it all works out well for you. The Rowan xx
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