Mondayis the day I finally start radiotherapy and chemotherapy. seems to be a strange thing to want to happen but I was beginning to think I would remain forever in the limbo land of diagnoses scans and appointments . In the past two months or so each time a doctor or surgeon told me some thing new and seemingly worse my reaction was of a massive shock. It seems amazing how quickly one accepts this and tries to move on. Im finding real comfort in reading the stories in cancer connections. What a brave lot !!! My family and friends are rallying with offers of lifts to hospital . I'm a bit nervous about the radiotherapy effects but have already received good advice re the use of aloe Vera on burnt skin. meanwhile I am in some pain and there is a lot of bleeding. Can't wait for these symptoms to go !
Good luck with the treatment Jay may. Its good to be feeling that something is actually being done instead of just playing the waiting game. It is amazing how we accept where we are and then pull all our resources to deal with it. My wife and I would look on the chemo as a good thing as it was helping to deal with the cancer. Keep positive and strong. Wombat4
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Hi jaymay, Just wanted to wish u luck with ur treatment, I hope it is very successful. It is strange how we do just get on with treatment and "suck up" the side effects. There are many side effects from chemo yet I look at it with love as it save my life. I do hope ur side effects are minimal and I hope u are able to find comfort in the commencing of ur treatment. Rubes
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I want to wish you all the best during the treatment . It is good that something has started .It was 2 months after my diagnosis till my surgery and later radiation . The waiting for me was the hardest time . It was necessary to have tests done so surgery could be planned . Later ,radiation planning took a while and there was a few days delay at the start when they told me more time was needed It was worth it in the end .
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Thankyou so much all of you. I saw the nurse re chemo education on friday in preparation for Monday. I'm starting to feel nervous right now which I know is very counterproductive! It is so strange to think how 'normal' life was a few months ago. This is now my new normal!
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