So, we have come to those forks in the road where you have to make life changing decisions with your loved ones. We have chosen (or for lack of choice- it has chosen us) to go down the avastin path. First treatment was on yesterday. My bank account will feel substantially lighter after it, although I would give every last cent for his health. I struggle to understand how in this day & age, our most vulnerable sick members of our community have to spend so much money to try to gain health. I am grateful that we are financial enough not to worry about it, but I am regularly think- WOW what pressure that must be on top of what I/we are already going through, to have to not have treatment because you can't afford it. Its quite sad. As a carer, I have had him well for 3 months & driving. So he has been so wonderful & has been helping out so much (driving my eldest to school, taking her to her activities, cooking dinner, & doing food shopping) We knew it wouldn't last, we both knew to take full advantage of those 3 months, and enjoy them. I'm so glad we did. Today has been my second day of back to full duty- & I have already had a hissy fit- I've got to get back into my groove again. Symptom wise, he is tired & fatigued, still up & about but you can see he is slowing down. Not being able to feel his left leg properly makes it hard for him to walk and that frustrates him. I'll end with a sad but funny story, when discussing the changes with family in front of our 4 year old. She told her nannie that she was upset that her dads "lump" has grown, nannie & I looked at each other sadly & went to comfort her- telling her it's going to be ok. She took a breath, & then asked "ok then, can we go out for dinner then" :D The innocence, and being so self absorbed is beautiful & refreshing. I hope you all sleep well tonight.
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