Need to find out where I can get advice to give eldest son to get help dealing with his loss and helping him deal with his sister aged 13 behaviour, she is acting up and they need help so they can learn to grieve together and not fall apart. Mother passed away aged 42 two months ago the only true help they have is from aunt who herself is only 23 please anyone who can give advice they live in the Campbelltown area nsw
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Carolinejane All I can suggest is give the Cancer Council help line a ring on 13 11 20 they may be able to suggest where to get help , this disease affects so many in different ways good luck. kj
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Hey there! Get onto the Canteen website.....they have camps, counsellors, you name it and they are so helpful!! Cancer council will put you in touch with them if you can't find them....they are awesome!! Good luck to you!! PA xxx
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Poor kids 😞 I feel sorry for them, must be so hard to lose your mum at such a vulnerable age. Definitely get in contact with canteen, they can help
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Absolutely call CanTeen 02 9007 0190, they have been fantastic with my girls. Counselling, rec days and being with others that just 'get it'. Never too late to call them in. We are all getting by, 5 weeks after their dad died. School can be hard, day by day I tell my girls. They have almost done 2 whole weeks at school, they know how proud of them Iam.
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So sorry. Your GP may be able to refer them to your local Palliative Care for counselling. There maybe a service for teens.
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Hi everyone, Canteen - - offer a range of free national support options for young people aged between 12-24 affected by cancer. Canteen's Counselling Program can assist a child who has been diagnosed with cancer or if their parent or brother or sister has been diagnosed with or died from cancer: Please call 1800 226 833 or email - an online community specifically for young people aged between 12-24 affected by cancer can also be of assistance Kind regards, Felix Cancer Connections Coordinator
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