Bladder cancer TCC Hi all, I'd like to share my journey with you. At the age of 57yrs. I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, Muscle Invasive/TCC. I was a very fit man, going to the gym three times a week doing a heavy workout. I'd never been sick or hospitalised before. In march 2005, I was diagnosed with TCC cancer in the bladder. The cancer had gone through the bladder wall into the muscle. I had two operations, one to remove the tumour and a second which took nearly thirteen hours to reconstruct a Neobladder, where surgeons removed 42cm of my bowel to reconstruct a new internal bladder, connecting it up to my internal plumbing. There are some changes you have to make to your life. For a new internal plumbing job, it's a small price to pay. If there is anyone out there who need answers to this procedure, please contact me, there is so much more to tell. I will answer all your question asap. Cheers, Wazza
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