Isn't it exciting.... this new and improved online service that the Cancer Council have got going on here. What is even better is that you will notice Young Adults get a place of their own on the main menu bar of the homepage! Finally we belong somewhere in the world of cancer. We are not longer the "forgotten generation" who were lost or 'stuck in the middle' between children and older adults with cancer. We can now chat to others our own age... share our stories, hopes, fears, creativity and interests, whilst at the same time, pretty much have 24 hour access to the many wonderful professional support services that the Cancer Council have on offer. What are your thoughts so far on theis new website that is only 3 days old. Tell me if you have any ideas on how you think this website could be better, because at the end of the day, this service is for you. happy exploring and connecting with others nikki 🙂
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