My husband was diagnose last April with low grade non aggressive bladder cancer. He had on large mass removed and was packed up and sent home. No follow up. Then in November he started with kidney pain and bleeding when urinating ( this time lots more blood). We had a ultrasound done which confirmed two masses in his bladder. So before Xmas he went in again to hospital and the went into the first layer of his bladder and removed the masses. Unfortunately one mass was obstructing his left ureter, so they placed a stent in for 6 weeks. Last week in went in to have the stent removed and further exploration, they found 4 lesions in his ureter which they removed. So now they wish to give him chemo via the bladder. Husband is not happy with this idea. I also should add the hospital felt that the cancer has changed in grade and aggression, we are waiting for those biopsy s to return. Any one out there who has had a similar journey I would love to hear from you. Cheers
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