My dad was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in April last year, and went through treatment of Radiation and Chemo and then surgery, he now has a colostomy bag and initially the results were that they had " got everything " and we were so relieved !! He just had a scan 2 weeks ago and something is showing in his stomach.. after an endoscopy they have now told him that there is a tumor that needs to come out, so there will be more surgery and possibly more treatment. We are all so scared for him... and there's nothing we can say that can take the fear away of not knowing what will happen next. I'm sure he's tired of hearing " stay positive " " you will get through " etc... but what else can you say ?? No-one really knows what lies ahead, but i would give anything to have him healthy again and not have to go through any more. He gets his results of the Biopsy this coming Monday to see if it has spread and just the thought of walking into that room must scare the daylights out of him, I feel so helpless !! I wish i could take it all away for him...... or at least make him feel better. I have everything crossed for my dad on Monday and for anyone else who is going through the same thing, my heart goes out to you. Good luck everyone and all the best.:)
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