We have been home from hospital for 9 days now. We are good friends with silverchain now, with regular daily visits as things change. As per discharge details he was being weaned off the dex(steriod) but after waking up to him knowingly peeing everywhere, stating he didn't care- I knew something was up. and that the pressure in the brain had increased dramatically. Then came the nausea, so the last 2 days has been terrible terrible headaches & constant vomiting. So now back on the dex, trying to boast it up to give him a little more quality.... but I doubt it will work for long. I rarely see my Ben anymore, the glimpses of him & his cheeky nature are slowly going. And to be honest, I thought I would be distraught, but I have a strange calmness that has washed over me. I'm ok for him to go now. And although I will be sad, I don't think I'll be as distraught as I once thought I would be. These last 2 years has given me the ability to grieve over and over again, allowing me to be strong right at this moment when he needs me the most.
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