So, my last 2 weeks started the new year with an almighty BANG! Ben had a substantial fall, we think he may have had his first seizure. And he cracked his head on the toilet bowl very hard. Rushed to hospital via ambulance, and MRI found large amounts of fluid on the brain therefore requiring them to insert a VP shunt to drain the fluid to his stomach. Here begins the worst 2 weeks of my rollercoaster ride of caring for someone with a brain tumour. If you have been reading my blog, or following my journey you would know that we have had quite the easy ride so far, considering. Ben has been mobile & alert for almost 2 years with very little pain. These last 2 weeks have been incredible, I am amazed at how little sleep & food my body actually requires. I have seen the utter torment that a brain tumour or injury does to a person. From extreme outbursts of anger, confusion, inappropriate comments, and paranoia. Our expected stay of 3-4 days became 14 days as the confusion was so extreme, and I really thought we would never make it out of there. I have spent hours convincing him that we are not in Polynesia or siberia ..... even Japan. I've spent nights convincing him that he was indeed in a hospital, not a "big brother" tv show- even though he was convinced he saw the room with all the surveillance monitors & cameras. I've spent days convincing him, that I was indeed his wife- not Melissa etheridge (although I am not entirely sure he even knows who that is :) And I've spent many a moment laughing & cringing at him calling nurses different names & telling them to take off their clothes. We are finally home, and the confusion is almost gone. A familiar house, smell & sounds all the comfort he needs. The doctors/ silverchain suggest he was only a couple of weeks left. Such torment- but such a massive relief. It troubles me to see him get so confused, and be completely reliant on me for everything including toileting. My only wish is that he is comfortable. Enjoy every minute with your loved ones, because before you know it- it could be over in minutes. Have no regrets.
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