During my treatment I wrote many poem's. I found them very cathartic. This is the first one I wrote MY SILENT BATTLE The battle's begun, in war I'm engaged, To fight off this evil, I've become so enraged, You crept in like a thief and left your mark, While I was alone and asleep in the dark. But you will not win this battle with me, I'll smash you and kill you, just wait and see, You've picked the wrong one to wage this war, When I'm finished with you, you won't re-enter my door, You'll vanish forever and never come back, For never again will I take this track. Once more I'll be fine and feeling well, Even though I'll have walked the road to hell, My VICTORY will shine like a star in the sky, And over my shoulder I'll bid you GOODBYE! My life will have changed, of this there's no doubt, But I won't look back, for I'll be out and about, Embracing the joy of my second chance, For never again with you will I dance. I won't dance to your tune, I don't like the beat, I'll be the one who you cannot defeat, You'll be left on the ground crushed and destroyed, And I'll have won the war to which I was deployed. Written by myself on Behalf of all Women fighting their own battle with BREAST CANCER November 2005 It seem's so long ago I wrote this. So many thing's have happened, with my own mother being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April 2006, my brother Bowel Cancer in May 2005 and then mum again on the 23/12/2010, Two day's before Christmas. Nice present not! She passed away on the 2/2/2013. To all of you diagnosed with this insidious disease, fight the good fight. God Bless You All. Jadelemonade
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