The last week was terrible.  I didnt want to get out of bed at all.

Some days I stayed in my pj's all day.

Most days I cried.

Some days I managed to get myself into work, some days I worked from home.


My alarm went off at 4.30am.  I had to be on the 5.50 train to Murdoch, then I would get a connecting bus to the hospital.


I was given a gown, and a bed, and the nurse went through the procedure with me.

The gas man came to visit me again, and he told me how luck I was, as usually by the time lung cancer is discovered it has spread.  Very rarely can it be removed.


It was about noon when they wheeled me to theatre.  I had to drink some horrible liquid and cough at the same time. Apparently that will numb the throat.  Next think I know I was waking up in the day ward.


A nurse asked if I was from Mongolia.  I am from England, how could that be mixed up!


I had to eat before I could leave the hospital, the nurse kept telling me to eat.  They brought me ham and cheese sandwiches, i dont eat cheese. I ate the bread, drank the tea, got dressed, and was discharged.


In the car I read the notes, malignant nodule, lymph gland infected, other nodules appear but not malignant.


Well i have lung cancer all I need is for the doctor to formally tell me.

I have been talking about it since the beginning, so I wont get all teary.  I dont think I have anymore tears in me.


I tell my husband not to come, but he insists.


I have to wait for the appointment to arrive in the mail.

I have cancer, now I need to know what they will do and when.

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