Hello everyone, Well, after 2 day's training last week, I am now a peer support volunteer for Cancer Connect. Just in case you don't know what that is I will tell you. For someone that is newly diagnosed and want to speak to someone that has experienced the same cancer or treatment, they can contact the helpline 131120 and select option 3. Details will be taken from the caller and then they will be matched up with a peer support volunteer. Contact is by phone, and at no time is your or the volunteer's personal details revealed, first name only. I had heard about this before, but didn't really know what it was all about. I wish that I had heard about it when I was going through my early stages of treatment. Someone that cares and is completely unknown to the caller, that understands, makes sense doesn't it?
Hi Bev Congratulations! Cancer Connect is a great service and all newly diagnosed cancer patients should be made aware of it. Well done Sailor
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Good on you ! I had never heard of this but it sounds like a great idea.
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Hi Everyone Cancer connect is a great thing - but in many States you don't have to dial option 3. When you ring 13 11 20, you get straight onto a person and then you can ask about Cancer Connect. Cheers Sailor The acquisition of the knowledge of navigation has a strange effect on the minds of men. Jack O’ London
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Hi Bev, Sounds like a great initiative, I have a friend going through a cancer diagnosis at the moment, and I make she she knows about this service too, though the family have been in touch with Cancer Council. I had a different type of cancer, so can't explain what her treatment experience may be like or things to look out for. Brilliant idea, I think we cancer survivors should "pay it forward", somehow it partially validates our experience and pain, if we can ease another's. Rgds, Sam
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Congrats Bev I remember when i got diag, I rang the cancer council and spoke to someone who had been through the same cancer as me, Its a great idea...
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